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Half Of Brits Don’t Know How To Spot Warning Signs Of A Weak Immune System

Half Of Brits Don’t Know How To Spot Warning Signs Of A Weak Immune System

As we prepare ourselves for a sharp turn in the weather as the freezing cold Winter season approaches, we recently commissioned a survey that’s revealed the weak spots ? in folks in the UK & Ireland regarding boosting immunity during the colder months ⛄️

We found that 1 in 3 people ranked immunity support as their most important health consideration during Winter, but only 21% are very aware of the physical and mental signs of a weakened immune system.

The incoming colder weather often brings about physical changes to our body, with a stronger immune system in the summer months and the cold months leading to a weaker immune system. Tiredness, digestion issues and a slower healing period are all big signs that your body is under strain and needs support.

1 in 3 people ranked immunity support as by far their most important health consideration in the colder months, followed by 15% saying energy, 14% gut health and just 10% saying their ideal healthy body weight.

Citrus fruits, broccoli and red peppers are all items Brits add to their shopping basket to help boost their immune system in the autumn. With over a quarter of people (26%) purchasing more in October than they do any other time of the year. However, Brits are spending on average only £2.80 a week buying foods that will help to support the body’s natural immunity.

On what we put on our plate at mealtimes, close to half (48%) said they eat immune boosting foods as an ingredient to a full meal. 39% of people said they eat it as a side dish to a meal, worryingly just over 10% of people said they don’t eat foods known to support their immune system.

On commissioning the survey that’s revealed the nation’s weak spots on boosting immunity, Nick White, Florette’s Head of Marketing said, “British weather is as ever unpredictable, but the colder months usually take their toll, not just on our gardens and homes, but also on our bodies. Knowing how to boost our natural immunity can be confusing, but there are some easy ways to get the extra nourishment we all need throughout winter and beyond.

Whether it’s snacking on natural immune boosters such as almonds, or adding immune boosting salad to a meal, there are so many tasty ways to help to supplement the body’s natural immune system. Preparation for the winter months doesn’t have to be too costly if you find the right balance of ingredients that complement each other. Our Superfood (Immune support) Wild Rocket and Baby Kale salad is naturally high in Folate, naturally high in Vitamins A & K and a natural source of Vitamin C.”

Regionally, those in Yorkshire & Humber were less aware (20%) than anywhere else in the UK about what essential vitamins contribute to normal body function with those in Scotland most aware (68%). To boost natural immunity ahead of the colder months, 66% of people in the South-west of England plan on drinking more water, whereas 48% of Londoners plan on getting a good night’s sleep compared to just 9% of people in Northern Ireland.

Almonds are the popular immunity boosting item for those in the North West (28%) compared to those in the East Midlands who prefer leaves (47%) such as rocket and spinach to include in their meals. Brits in the East of England prefer an immunity boosting smoothie (40%) whereas 60% of Northerners prefer an immune boosting meal.

Brits Average Spend Per Week On Immunity Support Per Region

  • London- £4.17
  • South West- £4.10
  • South East- £3.05
  • Yorkshire & Humber- £2.72
  • East Midlands- £2.70
  • East of England- £2.40
  • North West- £2.37
  • Scotland- £2.32
  • Wales- £2.30
  • North East- £2.27
  • Northern Ireland- £2.25
  • West Midlands- £1.97

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