Why the
plastic bags?

If we didn’t have to use plastic, we wouldn’t.

But there are some good reasons why – for the time being – there’s no avoiding plastic bags.

The simple fact is that if we didn’t use plastic packaging, then the salads we pick and package would only last a day before they started wilting and decaying. No good to you or to us.

Some of our bags have laser perforations which are invisible to the eye but essential to keep salads fresh and wholesome.

These perforations mean that carbon dioxide leaving the bag and oxygen coming in are balanced. This means that your leaves stay fresh for longer.

By making sure that salads stay fresher for longer, you waste less food. And we have to grow and transport less. So, as you can see, it’s a fine balance. Plastic – for now – plays a part in maintaining this balance. But, as soon as a better technology comes along, you can be sure we’ll be onto it.

Reduce and recycle

While we’d love to use recycled plastic for our packaging, we haven’t found supplies in the right quality or quantity. At least, not yet. However, watch this space. We’re actively looking for a different way of doing things and we’re making good progress.

Of course, you can send our bags for recycling via major retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and The Co-op. Simply look for this recycling logo on our packaging.

We are continually reviewing our packaging to ensure we use the minimum amount of plastic required to keep our leaves in the best possible condition. Since 2019, for instance, we have reduced the height of our plastic bags by 5%. Doesn’t sound like much, does it? In fact, even this small step means your Florette salads now use 12.4 tonnes less plastic every year.